Product Overview

PensionsCloud is a personalized cloud-based collaborative portal that empowers scheme members to gain full access to their benefits and track pension processes anytime, anywhere, from any device. Scheme members can access their benefits statement containing summaries of opening balances, contributions, income allocated, withdrawals and closing balances. Other transactions such as contributions history and income allocation history can be viewed in real-time, opening up a transparent and engaging environment between pension administrators, scheme members, scheme trustees and other authorized stakeholders. Intuitive dashboards provide quick and crucial information such as benefit classifications, contribution trends the last contribution dates.

Sign Up/Sign In

If you are a new member with valid scheme records with your pensions administrator, sign up to start using PensionsCloud portal. To complete the signup process, tap on the signup link on your home page and complete the required information. A valid ID Number or email address is required to complete the process. In case your pensions administrator does not have your valid identification number or email address in their database, the registration process will fail. Contact your pensions administrator through the call or email links on your homepage to have the master information updated for signup to be successful. You will get a registration successful message once your signup process is complete. Upon successful signup, your pensions administrator will get a signup approval notification and upon approval, you will receive an email alert and your account will be ready to go. Go back to the pensionscloud portal homepage ( and tap on login, enter your valid username and password and finally tap sign in to start using pensions online services.

Update Personal Information

Update your personal information by navigating to member information tab from the left navigation menu once you login. Information authorized for self-modification such as names and contact information will be displayed for you. Edit the fields you want modified and tap on submit once you are done. Your Pensions administrator will receive your change request and update the information into the master database upon verification. Next time you want to make more changes, simply initiate the same process and resubmit for approval. Your pensions administrator will always have the right information about you.

Access Benefits Statement

Generate your member statement to view real-time information about your contributions and other transactions such as interest distribution. To access your statement, tap on benefits statement from the left navigation menu and wait for the report to launch. You can change the effective (As At) date to view your balances as at different time snapshots. Choose the desired format such as PDF, Word, Excel, Image and text then tap the save or view button to visualize the report further. Contact your administrator in case of any inconsistency in your balances.

View Contributions History

To access a history of all your periodic contributions for a given date range, tap on contributions statement from the left navigation panel and wait for transactions to load. Your historical transactions can be exported to desired formats such as Word, Excel and CSV. Contributions history for the last one year can also be viewed from the dashboard available on your home page once you login. The transactions listing at the bottom of your homepage gives a clear segregation of employee (EE) and employer contributions(ER) for both registered (EX) and not registered (NEX) portions. Right click on the grid and select the export option to extract your contributions information to dynamic formats such as CSV and XLS.

Estimate Benefits

This option allows you to get a rough estimate of how much money you are likely to be paid in the event that you resign, retire, transfer or immigrate to another country, among other reasons available on withdrawal type drop down field. Tap estimate benefits from the left navigation panel. To estimate your benefits, choose the exit option from withdrawal type field, the anticipated exit date and tap estimate at the top menu on the page. Your benefits estimate will be displayed on the page. The online calculator assumes consistency in the current taxation regimes, contributions and income trends.

Nominate Beficiaries

Tap on member beneficiaries on the left navigation panel and enter the details of your preferred beneficiaries with benefit proportions. For every beneficiary you wish to nominate, enter the full information and tap save. Continue with the process until you register all beneficiaries. The maximum proportion for all beneficiaries cannot exceed 100.

View Reports

Authorized periodic reports such as audited accounts, quarterly reports and annual scheme reports can be accessed through this option. All available reports will be displayed and you can tap on the download link against each document to access the report copy.

Sign Out

Once you are done using the portal, tap on the sign out link at the top right hand corner of your home page to exit. It is advisable that you close your entire browser to end all sessions for your portal and maintain maximum security.