Customer Engagement redefined

Get full access to your pension contributions and track the growth of your benefits as your money grows. It’s a personalized portal that allows you to get personalized and secure access to your pension information while engaging with your benefits administrators on the move. The intuitive portal is designed to help you quickly navigate through your dynamic information, update authorized information and generate required reports anytime, anywhere.

Real-time Transactions Tracking

Your online member benefits statement shows you a summary of all contributions, income allocated, withdrawals and closing balances for both employee and employer portions, both tax-exempt and non-tax-exempt. All records are updated in real time and the statement can be generated in desired formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, html, image and text.

Personalized Data Management

To ensure that we always have the right information about you, member information that includes names, email, telephone numbers and other contact information can be viewed and updated as desired.

Estimate Benefits On the Move

The online benefits calculator allows you to estimate how much benefits you are likely to be paid in the event that you resign, transfer, retire, among other reasons. It’s a simple process that gives you insights on the expected benefits prior to the actual calculation.

Track Contributions History

Get a comprehensive contributions history analysis that shows the amounts expected and remitted at various contribution dates.

Nominate Beneficiaries, Anytime, Anywhere

Beneficiaries for your benefits can be nominated online, with a clear indication of contact information, relationship and benefit proportions.